About Us

Sims Family

Hallie’s Allergy Free was inspired by our youngest child, Hallie, a bright-spirited second grader with life-threatening allergies to dairy, eggs, nuts, and peanuts, and intolerances to wheat and other foods. As a family of food lovers, the thought of Hallie missing out on delicious treats was not acceptable. Each week we would go to the grocery store hoping to find something that she could eat only to come home empty handed. Still determined, Hallie’s dad Jonathan got busy creating “Hallie friendly” treats at home. For years, we carried on making treats of all kinds for Hallie until one day we felt the nudge to think outside of our family. As allergy parents, we know what it is like to read every label, make all food from scratch, avoid social gatherings where food is served, and the pain of watching your child be left out at parties. We wanted to serve families like ours and kids like Hallie. And just like that, Hallie’s Allergy Free was born. It is our joy to create food that is good enough not just for those with allergies or restrictions to enjoy, but for all to enjoy (even Hallie’s non-allergic siblings!). We dream of the day when no kids will have to eat at a special table due to allergies, but in the mean time, we will serve up snacks that all can eat, and that all WANT to eat!


Amy and Jonathan Sims (Hallie’s Mom and Dad)